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I'm going to be starting a Sword-Art-Online inspired project. The actual story takes place in a game. I might be holding an open casting call too. Just so everyone knows.
I'm leaving the MLP fandom. Likely, the story will remain unfinished and you won't see how it is what I intended on doing with it.

The full story mind you. And on that note, if you really want to keep up with some of my characters: You should consider going back to my old account. As I did make my own little kingdom based around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While I likely won't be posting that here...I might post teasers for everyone.

----Below Contains Spoilers for my final MLP Project, its the full story.----

Alright to start off, I will divide this into individual character arcs and explain each one. So it may contain spoilers for other arcs. Be warned.

1. Nightmare, Part 1 (Divided into parts to not take away from other stories.)
First, Celestia soon discovers her sister is lying to her or hiding something from her and is able to weasel it out of her after Silver reveals that Eclipse is Nightmare Moon's Daughter. Where she pieces it together and approaches Luna about it. Around this time too, she also begins to receive treatment for her problems (1,000+ years of repressed emotions building up.). Around this time she releases Nightmare too and shares a room for a couple days until she has her own. Though her release comes after her first and only escape attempt after Celestia transfers just a tiny bit of her magic over to her. Enough for her to lift the keys from Luna's guards.

On this escape...she causes a panic and makes her way to Chrysalis' room before Celestia captures her and guides her back to her cell, before she comes up with a clever idea: Share a room with Celestia as sisters. As that's what they are now. Eventually she does get a room and from then on, becomes a peaceful individual with a bit of an attitude. Becoming a strategist and an attraction for the guards at the castle. Whom challenge her to games of strategy...for a kiss. On top of that, Luna also gives her just a tiny bit of her own magic. Which mixes together and kind of becomes her own. Her cutie Mark even evolves into a mix between the sun and moon

2. Luna
In this time...she and Emerald eventually marry and because of all their wild and crazy sex sessions in strange eventually leads to her getting pregnant with a daughter, known as Starlight Crescent. Not much else happens here aside from a growing bond between the two. But throughout this, because of her pregnancy and birth...The Celestial Parents come to visit. Of which, their names are Solaris and Cosmos.

3. Celestia
Her's is a bit more complicated. Throughout all the things she's been through, its all piling up. After her previous mate vanished without a trace, she's been on a very steady emotional decline and the whole situation with Nightmare and Chrysalis simply made it worse. So, upon Chrysalis' request, she begins receiving treatment by having her drain her negative emotions and taking them on. Which cheers her up quite significantly for a short time. Giving her kind of a 'high' if you will and everything just kind of becomes easier for a while. At least...until a certain someone returns. After eighteen hundred fifty years. Though Celestia kept a very close record on how long he was gone, to the day roughly. Her words to him when Fluttershy takes him to his house for security and recovery are to hold him and cry into his chest...and tell him that he's been gone for eighteen hundred fifty years, six months two weeks and five days.

His name is Quercus and he's the Alicorn of Nature. A very dear friend of the royal sisters and Celestia's beloved stallion. They essentially grew up together in their shared backstory so...they know each other VERY well. After which...he's made to light about a mission that he needs to take on. The plight of the changelings. Them starving and having to go to Equestrian for food. Though its not helping much. He eagerly takes on this mission with the intention of creating a new plant that'll help them gather food.

After this, she heads back to the Castle and he stays at Fluttershy's for close to a month. Before getting Fluttershy to convince the person who caused him to vanish...Discord...(By trapping him in a tree mind you. Thinking it was funny.) While hesitant...because Fluttershy fell in love with him during his stay...she agrees. Especially after hearing the fact that: His heart belongs to Celestia. Regardless of what happened, knowing that it was very well his own fault. Upon returning to the Castle, he rekindles his relationship with Celestia with a big surprise (by sneaking into her room). Though nothing sexual actually happens yet. Not until mating season at least. Where she...goes completely wild on him. Hehe. But not without magical protection. After which...they end up tying the knot as quickly as they possibly can and going off for their month-long honeymoon. A very well much needed break for Celestia too. With a special cabin secluded from the rest of the world given to them for the occasion by none other than the Castle Gardener, and the mother of Emerald and his brothers Adamant and Silver: Ivy Charmer. In that time. The two come to an agreement to come off their pregnancy prevention precautions. (Spells they put in place a long time ago.) and start trying for a family too. Something Celestia has always wanted. While at the same time, leaving Nightmare Moon in charge of her court sessions.

Not long after their return: They're met with the congrats of Celestia and Luna's parents as well as to meet Luna's newborn daughter. (And their granddaughter.) Yes, she eventually does become pregnant with twins and gives birth to a Prince and Princess of her own. Each representing the powers of their parents. (Yes, Alicorns.)

4. Nightmare & Chrysalis
This one's a bit more complicated as they start developing a relationship and even going as far as to help one another. Nightmare gains favor with the Changelings quickly and even some favor among ponies, though they're weary of her. But, after the court date, its revealed there are extremists that wish for her to be their Queen. At which point everyone stages a simple plan to lure them out of hiding by having her and Chrysalis going to meet them and capture all of the ones they can. It makes headlines and quickly makes her favorable among the people.

Due to her strategic mind and willingness to help Equestria (As well as change how the public sees her.) she is eventually given a new job. A job as the General of the Equestrian Military. Which is different than the Captain of the Guards. She basically controls the warriors and military bases throughout the kingdom and with her romance with Chrysalis on top of Quercus' creation which is finished a month after his arrival: Equestria and the Changeling Hive have become allies. On top of this, a few are even stationed out in Ponyville to watch and protect Nightmare's beloved daughter. Whom has been to visit her a couple of times since the relationship started. Though...given Eclipse's age. She is unaware of her relation for the moment. Though...she does begin testing Eclipse with various strategy games. Taking note at just how intelligent she is with both of her parents' genetics.

Though...throughout this...her old self surfaces a little when she starts to have doubts. Her "Nightmare" self. Which is a creature that preys on negative emotion for sustenance. Which is where the origin of the Changeling name comes from and why people fear them. Though it is revealed that, at first they may be extinct...but throughout all of this...Nightmare has the suspicion that they aren't. It results in Nightmare having to fight them off herself to protect her daughter before attempting to even make a sacrifice. the end, it is the love she developed for her new family, Chrysalis and the love she has for Eclipse that prevails (after Eclipse calls out to her of course knowing that its her mother eventually.)

5. Shield Breaker
After his attempt at Romancing Chrysalis: Which in turn helps the Changelings that everyone was struggling to save...(Giving some affection for Chrysalis to her to help her and the Changelings improve). Though before this, he's her supervisor. Watching her during the punishments and Princess Twilight's own self-imposed punishment. Because she had a hand in hurting and killing hundreds of changelings. (Guilt and Chrysalis' only possible idea for her aside from execution.)

Though after he's rejected by her for a possible romance, he takes a month long vacation (A much needed one) and goes to Ponyville. Where he first meets Rarity and tries to flirt with her and romance her. Though it ends VERY badly...which ends at an adult party with drinking. He gets drunk and eventually ends up in Fluttershy's house the following morning. On top of this: Because of how close they are to mating season...and with the revelation on how wild Fluttershy is. (Feral essentially) He eventually comes up with the idea that they should share it together and he tries to keep her restrained while acting as a target for her at the same time. In that one week....he's able to keep her restrained for most of the time. Until she gets her hooves on him and starts giving him...oral. Where he eventually just caves and they have at it that night. A very intense and passionate night. The following morning. He apologizes and they eventually come to the realization that she was at least aware of her actions. Where...they come to a consensus and decide to stay together. (FWB or a Romance, your choice) Though...they do eventually marry and have...the most heart-attack inducing daughter ever (because of cuteness and adorableness). Even still managing to keep his job and place with Fluttershy. :) Even getting a promotion to Captain. Taking over for Shining Armor in the end.

6. Twilight and Silver Crescent
This one is a little more complicated as they stay together for around a year at first before anything too major happens. After moving back to Ponyville due to all the drama and stress (especially following Twilight's coronation.) Twilight becomes Eclipse's foster mother...even close to her REAL mother. (Eclipse calls her mom and mommy countless times.) They grow real close and they're a really private couple. The funny part of them is...Silver is constantly flirting and making jokes and puns to try to get her into bed (though he's patient about it. He just enjoys having fun with it.).

Though before they DO move back. He actually tells her that he loves her. (After their One-Year anniversary.) As he was with her for six months while she was a unicorn and six months while she was an Alicorn. Their relationship grows after an incident of paranoia leads Twilight to going to Chrysalis for advice. Whom tells her not to break his heart at all and wait patiently for him. (Because Chrysalis STILL cares about him at least.)

Once they move back...Twilight is called back to the castle to examine Nightmare's which point she eventually is told by Nightmare to go back to ponyville to spend mating season with her mate. And that she'll take Eclipse for the first time. At which point Silver and Twilight share a rather intimate first time, especially for Twilight as she loses her virginity here. Though its fairly awkward as he's frequently pausing to explain everything to her in detail. Though he does find it fairly arousing.

In time....the two eventually marry as well and have a son together. Which they name Dusk Shine: Though he ends up being a bit like Twilight in terms of his skill with magic...he's exceedingly lazy. He's basically a genius, but a slacker. Meaning he's always trying to find places to hide from his parents so he doesn't have to practice his spells.

7. Eclipse
Figure she should get her own place here. When she goes to Ponyville, she really starts to blossom. As she grows she eventually develops a damn-near Photographic memory with the combination of her intelligence from both her parents. While she's not that strong of a unicorn, she learns at an abnormally accelerated rate because of how her mind works. Often thinking it all out very carefully and eventually gets a cutie mark in strategy of some kind. She befriends Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Being closest to Scootaloo out of all of them and kind of being the one who argues with Sweetie the most frequently because of the risks of what they attempt.

In an alternate story: She eventually develops a romantic attraction to Scootaloo because of how close they are. Growing especially close to her with how she doesn't have her cutie mark. Though Eclipse does by this time. At one point too she even beats her father at strategy after her week with Nightmare.

8. Adamant Crescent
Yes, this brother gets his own small story. Though it focuses on him becoming the Head Chef of the Equestrian Castle....and an eventual romance/sexual relationship with Applejack. Its fairly short and happens during mating season because both are sexually frustrated and he forgot a chunk of his money after seeing some of his chefs plowing on the counter. It eventually leads to them having a FWB relationship where he gradually sneaks into her home on occasion/as frequently as he can to screw one another. Both are strong earth ponies too, expect some broken beds. :)

9. Bat Pony/Changeling Relationship
Another small short, beginning from a bet with a Batpony and Changeling regarding Blueblood's fate.

10. Ivy Charmer and Blueblood
No romance occurs from them...but Blueblood is trying to win her, given how beautiful she is. Though she keeps rejecting him because of how much of a dick he is. It eventually reaches a point where she's evading him and eventually shares a small chat with Nightmare where they approve a plan to change his viewpoint. The plan is to cast a powerful spell over him and turn him into a regular -broke- unicorn and put him up in an apartment for a while until he learns his lesson. With Nightmare's clever plans, she anticipates that he'll come to the castle claiming he's Blueblood. Where they eventually request a Changeling Assist.

Though throughout this, Guards keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. This eventually does work as he's forced to live as a peasant until he learns his lesson on treating others with respect. It works too.

11. The Great and Powerful tasting of the Rainbow
After receiving a series of rather explicit letters, and sending responses to all of them. Trixie returns to Ponyville. Where she's meeting the penpal for a date. After taking residence up at Twilight's, she runs into her old mentor, Silver Crescent. Much to her own surprise and takes up lessons again. After which, she learns that her pen pal is Rainbow Dash. Much to the shock of at least Rainbow (Having not known whom she was writing to because Trixie wasn't signing them. But Derpy was delivering them) They eventually do strike up a romance too.

12. Celestia vs. Luna in Stealing Cake
At one point in this, Celestia and a rather pregnant Luna...strike up a competition that becomes a castle-wide bet eventually. Where one has to steal the delicious cake in the kitchen. This one I will leave up to interpretation. You try and figure it out.

13. The Original Returns
A previous pupil is found by Celestia's beloved mate, Quercus, at the tree he was trapped in Which mind you was in the Everfree. Finding security in his residual presence. At which point he immediately takes her back to the Castle and eventually gets back everything. Celestia is even a bit shocked and surprised at what Sunset Shimmer did. Actually tracking down an old amulet that Luna had that Celestia gave to her and trying to bring it back this entire time. Just as a show of gratitude for everything Celestia did for her. She's extremely emaciated and likely would've died had Quercus not found her.

She eventually DOES strike up a small romance with the flying dork, Soarin'. But that's only after she recovers.

This is ALL of them.

Hope you would've enjoyed these ideas.

Here's the start of my new Youtube Minecraft Series. Help me get my channel off the ground! Be sure to share this!
Yes, I like RS. This however is merely a test.

I'm going to be starting a Sword-Art-Online inspired project. The actual story takes place in a game. I might be holding an open casting call too. Just so everyone knows.


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