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I'm curious. To those that actually see you think it would be a good idea to start a small gaming series? While you won't see much in the way of actual action. I will post my logs and present status on my page. As well as occasional screenshots.
Oh, so we're starting this BS? How lovely.
Regarding my status on this site...I am packing my things mostly. I will still be around whenever I can. But I am abandoning posting anything here. I am really tired of this place. Its become nothing more than a social media site.
Would you rather see more stories about Atrum? Or would you rather see stories focused around the kingdom that was inspired by Equestria?

    Pressed against her magnificently bright purple scales was a harp. One she gently strummed with her pointed claws almost like they were picks. This was one of the benefits of being a dragon and one she often took very clear advantage of. Along with her claws, she also used the overtly long whiskers she had to move carefully along the strings as well. This made the complexity of the tune she played even more interesting as the whiskers plucked at the string. It wasn’t too hard for her either, even with the size of the instrument and the weight pressed firmly against her right shoulder.

    If the lovely sound wasn’t enough for someone, then what would really turn them over the edge would be the show they witnessed as she played. It was like a living form of artwork to observe such a dragoness strum almost flawlessly with four different appendages without even a single mistake, but the best part of it all was the absolute focus that she had, her eyes never even leaving the harp to look around the room. It was almost like she wasn’t looking for anyone’s approval, but instead she was merely doing something she loved and enjoyed to the deepest reaches of her own heart.

    The sound that emanated from the combination of the notes felt strangely somber, yet, almost gentle at the very same time. It was a very soothing melody to listen to. Which is what a royal purple dragon thought as he entered the room. Clad in an amber colored wizard’s robe with a same color wizard’s hat, one that seemed a few shades off from the yellow of the dragoness’ eyes. Which he actually didn’t want upon him at this particular moment, as he merely just wished to enjoy the lovely music she was producing. The dragon’s wish however didn’t come true as after about ten seconds, the harp was once again fully pressed against the stone floor.

    “What are you doing here, Coravurn?” the dragoness inquired, not even bothering to turn in his direction. The very tone of her voice was enough to send a chill right up his spine. It was cold, very cold and even spiteful. How she managed to have such tones to her voice was something he’d never understand. Especially with the wonderful music she was able to produce.

    “I...uh..” Coravurn stammered, thrown off-balance by the tone of her voice.

    “Well, if that’s all you came for...” she started, turning her head to meet his gaze. The moment they did, it felt as though he was about to puke. “Then leave. You know I don’t like you loitering around my place.” these words in particular snapped him from his queasiness almost instantly and he dashed right up to her side.

    “Can’t I visit my sister?” he retorted as he crossed the room, “And ask her for a favor too?” The dragoness’ eyes narrowed and she rose an eye ridge, as if posing a question to her brother. He took very clear advantage of this very tiny gesture to take ahold of her paw. “Please...PLEASE! Can you play your harp for my tower tonight? This will be the only thing I ever ask of you, I swear!” While a part of the dragoness looked as though she wanted to kill her brother outright, another seemed rather curious about his request. On one hand, she didn’t like her brother very much. In fact, he had been quite a problem for her throughout the years. Causing a bit of stress for her every now and again. On the other hand though, she would actually be playing her music before an audience aside from a bunch of drunken idiots.

    ‘Then again...they’re part of the Wizard’s tower...’ she considered, taking a moment to strum a couple more notes on her harp again. “Tell me more...” she muttered finally, which caused Coravurn to grow just a tiny bit more excited, virtually vibrating where he stood in the excitement.

    “’ll be playing at a charity dinner we’re hosting,” he explained, clearing his throat to calm himself, “You won’t be paid for the job, but...” That made the dragoness freeze, a glance shifting back up at him again. This time, he could actually feel the malice radiating from her gaze. It was almost as if she was attempting to kill him with just her eyes at that point. It was such an overwhelming feeling that he was actually brought to his knees in half a second.

    “I. Don’t. Work. For. Free.” were the only words that came from her mouth at that point. Just as quickly as it had hit him, the malice vanished entirely and he heard a few more notes being plucked from the harp. “You should know this!” He was down for a good minute at the very least, having to actually catch his breath from the horrible feeling she had left him with. This was the second time in the past ten minutes where he nearly puked from just her intent to kill him.

    “B-but...Artemis...!” he stammered and coughed, still trying to catch his breath. Coravurn inwardly swore at that point that the skill had only grown stronger over the years, how, he had absolutely no clue and he didn’t even want an answer to that question either.

    “No buts!” Artemis snapped, her voice cracking. “When I was an assassin, did I ever do anything for free?”

    “N-no...” he answered,

    “Then you have your answer!” she argued further, “I’ll donate money to HELP your charity, but I’m not directly involving myself with it...or YOU for that matter!” By the time Coravurn had recovered and gotten to his feet again, Artemis had returned to strumming on her harp.


    “No! Now leave!” Artemis barked, gesturing toward the door. “Otherwise...the first free job I’ll do will involve you...” Once again, he was met with the same gaze he had received twice already, but unlike the previous two...this one actually didn’t bring him to his knees. Instead, he merely stood his ground right before her, not even flinching this time. She hadn’t noticed this at first as she had returned to her harp, but when he cleared his throat she could feel a pang of anger beginning to travel down her spine. “I thought I said....!”

    “Artemis...” Coravurn muttered, cutting his sister off. This resulted in her shifting another angry glare at him, but as she did...she was met with quite a surprise. Not only was her brother not on his knees, buckling from the sheer pressure of her intent to hurt or kill him, but there was actually a very dark and powerful look in his eyes. “Don’” his words came very slowly and as they did the whole room began to darken and rumble.

    Artemis’ ears fell back and her eyes widened when she felt this. This was the very first time she had ever seen anything remotely like this happen around her brother. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she knew very little about her brother’s life. All the while, he knew virtually everything about hers. Unfortunately, she realized this too late as for the very first time in her life, fear actually took ahold of her.

    ‘He...must be really powerful if his anger affects the world like that...’ she thought, ‘What...exactly is he?’ The tense moment died down soon after this and the fear began to fade along with it. However, the fear was soon replaced by a tiny bit of respect for her brother as he let out a very soft sigh as his knuckles unclenched. “A-alright...what’s the gig?” she stammered out, forcing herself to be curious about it.

    “You will be performing for a charity, as I previously said, for several high class individuals and a number of very powerful wizards,” he explained, “It will be at the Grand Dragon’s Theatre and you will have an audience of at least five will also be the closing act of the night. As you’re the best musician I know among the others. I will also personally pay you out of my own pocket if you’re still concerned about payment.” Artemis was rather astonished as her brother explained the full gig to her. At first, she hadn’t been too keen on accepting because it was offered by her brother, but the fact that he actually appreciated her music enough to come to him warmed her heart just a tiny bit. Even if it didn’t quite get rid of the sheer level of annoyance he brought to her, it still at least helped her work past a few of the smaller issues she had with him.

    “I accept...” she finally answered, having taken a couple moments beforehand to think about it. “On one condition...!” Coravurn’s demeanor relaxed a tiny bit when he heard that response and he almost seemed to return to the way he had been when he entered the room.

    “And that is?” he smiled, having been successful in cohering his sister into it.

    “ do not tell anyone...about our relation or how you got me to perform. Understood?”

    “Done!” he replied instantly, grasping her paw to seal the deal. “Concert starts at six! Be there about five!” and with that, he vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving his sister to prepare for her approaching concert.

    ‘Idiot...’ was the only word that ran through her mind after he vanished, before returning to strumming on her harp.

Daily: Siblings
This depicts two favorite characters of mine. Coravurn, a very powerful wizard and Archmage of a tower within Ethias.

And Artemis, an infamous (And well known) assassin throughout the world. Few know these two are siblings because they don't see each other very often. That and Artemis hates him because he's very annoying.

Also, they're eastern/lung dragons I should mention.
Regarding my status on this site...I am packing my things mostly. I will still be around whenever I can. But I am abandoning posting anything here. I am really tired of this place. Its become nothing more than a social media site.


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This account is now solely for the purpose of personal stuff. This is where I'll post my personal dedications to friends and shit like that. Requests included. But remember this account is solely personal.

I have a professional account too.

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